‘Goddess’ by Martin McGing

Martin McGing wiped the board in our annual Maurice Ashwin Print Portrait Competition. The competition was delayed due to the Coronavirus situation which meant that we were unable to see the prints being judged. Instead judge Darrell Oakden DPAGB EFIAP BPE4 accessed the portraits at home and recorded his comments and marks. This gave him more time to consider his assessments and choose a winner. He them passed on his decision to our Competition Secretary who divulged the highly anticipated results in our last Zoom meeting.

Martin McGing’s ‘Goddess’ stood out for Darrell as a clear winner. He appreciated the complementary background and costume that Martin had carefully chosen. Darrel hadn’t looked at the title before viewing the image and it gave him a good feeling of a Goddess. So he was pleased to see that was the title. The fine portrait has a simple triangular composition and good eye contact that Darrell likes. He also liked the lady’s natural expression and pose. Martin took the first four places in the competition which is a fantastic achievement especially as the standard of all the entries was so high. It’s just a pity that we were unable to see the prints first hand. However, it’s good to see that print portraiture is so strong in our club.

Our diligent Competition Secretary picked up the main points that Darrel and other judges look for in a portrait photograph. Martin’s images tick all of these boxes. The main points seem to be that the photograph is technically sound, well processed and printed. Judges generally like the subject to be posed with the eyes sharp and looking at the viewer. They appreciate a narrative in the picture created by the costume, expression and composition. The subject needs to engage with the viewer.

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