This week members volunteered pictures of their own to talk about. What a great evening! We had a fascinating talk inspired by Joel Meyerowitz‘s account of watching Robert Frank at work (which actually made him want to become a photographer), an account of how one member created one or two of his exhibition entries – and the ones that got away, an evocative AV of shots taken in the Dolomites, some alternative picture treatments, why one member’s “possible best landscape” only scored 16, and how little treasures can be shot on the fly. What made it really good was the discussion it all generated, we ranged from whether converging verticals matter (I think we decided they were a bourgeois concept!) to the whole business of approaches to club photography. A repeat is definitely on the cards, one of the most useful evenings of the season.

We thanked the members who had contributed but, in a way we all did. We also thanked Sharon and Dave Barton and everyone else who put Crewe PS on show at the Creative Crewe exhibition at the Oakley Centre last Friday. We attracted attention, including some from a lady who was looking for a hobby for her husband who was about to retire!

Today I looked in on the Mark Power exhibition in Hanley. The photos are in Albert Square, in the open air. How great to have such access for everyone – people who might not have set foot in an art gallery will surely stop and look. I must admit that stopping and looking was a bit hard today though – it was pouring down. But, hey, we’re a photo club, so here a photo.


Try and see this exhibition if you can. There are others listed on the Events page, including the Taylor Wessing “rejects” in Colwyn Bay.