Just under 70 prints is a good entry, a healthy response from members and yet not so many for the judge to deal with that you feel rushed. John Sixsmith EPSA EFIAP/g BPE5* kept a good, steady pace and timed things beautifully. All those letters mean lots of experience of national and international competitions and John was able to confidently point out the strengths and weaknesses in our work. Afterwards we made a special point of something which John had pointed out in several prints – those small areas of light coloured objects often near to the edge of the picture which draw the eye away from what we want the viewer to really see. You do not notice them as you concentrate hard on the real subject of the picture as you work on it. One trick in Lightroom is to declare “Lights out” by pressing the “L” key to put the photo against a black background. In Photoshop pressing the “tab” key gets rid of all the palettes to clear the decks to see you picture against a black background (right mouse click to make it black if it isn’t set already). John added that turning the print upside down often helps too. I remember also our esteemed member, Ron Smith, saying that he always hung up his prints outside the darkroom and left them until morning – you’ll see all the “mistakes” then and be ready to correct them.

We have a competition for colour prints and one for monochrome (black and white), but the colour is sub-divided into general subjects and nature. We will feature the three winners in the next couple of weeks. The nature winner is our picture of the week this week.

Thanks John for an entertaining evening.