We viewed the Monochrome Folio Q 2012 tonight and simultaneously viewed the projected digital images supplied. It offered a lot to comment about. We were impressed that one of the few images to which very few manipulations had been applied had been awarded 15 – full marks – and a beautiful image it was too.

The folios are collections of prints and digital images selected from the L&CPU Annual Competitions and are circulated round the clubs in the Union – if they want to use them.

Afterwards we viewed the Crewe images selected for the Great British Cup and the ones which did well in Tuesday night’s Whitchurch/Mid-Cheshire/Crewe competition.

We also took another look at Lightroom 4 and watched one of Laura Shoe’s videos. This is one of 55 she has created which cover every aspect of using Lightroom. She gives a wonderfully clear, well paced and comprehensive guide which I can highly recommend. Her website is a blog which always has some interesting aspect of image development under discussion. It’s on our LINKS page on which you will find other sites of interest too.

Lightroom provides a seemless and powerful workflow. You need hardly know it is a raw file you are starting with. You can store, tag, rate and keyword your images and recall them easily, develop them using tools which are in some cases the most effective you can find and then output your creation to slideshows, books, the web, the print or Photoshop. One feature I like is being able to work for a time on an image and then just leave it, no saving needed, and you can go back and just pick up where you left off – the program keeps a full history which you can access easily on your return (unlike Photoshop).

Remember that our friends at Nantwich CC have their exhibition at the Museum in Pillory Street. Pop in and see what we will be up against when we meet them later in the year!