Photography has two aspects; technical and artistic. It is really in the latter that club membership comes into its own and I don’t have to tell you about the many ways it helps you in gaining inspiration, ideas and testing the reception of your work.

The technical aspects of photography can seem daunting but you do not need a high level of knowledge to make successful pictures. Nevertheless, if you want to improve your technical knowledge there are many ways of doing so.

Firstly, a free way for many is to search out tutorials on You-Tube or Vimeo. Many software producers and tutors have sample videos on there to get you interested in their products and you can find something on almost anything from handling the camera to photoshop tutorials. Here is one start…

Secondly, there are the local colleges. One I get details of is Reaseheath in Nantwich, who do just one or two courses on photography.

U3A have a photography group – ask Wallace about that.

Then we have more comprehensive schemes such as the Mark Cleghorn PHOTO TRAINING 4U. Sharon and Dave are members of the scheme, which gives you access to hundreds of special videos covering everything from basics to showing you a complete on location shoot. If you are interested in making a business of photography they also have help on hand to act as consultants. It costs over £200 for the first year – reducing to £100 in the subsequent years. Look at . He will work in association with clubs.

A local photographer Marc Byram is setting up a course that may be of interest. He has a studio on the Radway Green industrial Estate. Peter and I went on one-day studio course of his. He is planning a six-session course, probably in April. The cost will be about £15 a session and will cover the whole gamut from camera basics to composition, producing and presenting work. I’ll let you have  details as soon as they are available.

Remember that we may not have many dedicated sessions for tutorials but your fellow members are always willing to help with any problems you meet. You can post also a question on this website Forum, or ask at a meeting, or simply email me.