No Right Turn by Paul Hill was one of the 2015 season favourites. It is not a pretty picture, in fact Tillman Kleinhans, when he judged it said that it frightened him. It does me too.

That is the great thing about it; it is sinister, puzzling, a bit surreal. You notice more and more features as you keep looking; the “bat-man” back to the seat, the figure about to rise from it, is he going to pursue the man and the dog? The street sign; does it have a hidden meaning? The bike tracks pull you in to the more distant figure.

This picture “works” at every level but above all it keeps us interested, which is a feature of all great photographs.

When Paul joined us a few years back he took natural history pictures, then landscapes appeared, all successful. He is now exploring street photography with the same success. You can find more of his pictures in our galleries and also at