Photographing a marathon can be quite challenging. Very often they are well attended and it can be difficult to find a good spot to photograph them from. Ideally you want to find different viewpoints so your photographs don’t become similar and boring. So when I photographed the Stoke marathon last month I chose to do so in Burslem which is roughly half way around. This had several advantages for me over photographing it at the start. It was easier to get to and park and there were fewer spectators so I could wander around and use different viewpoints with ease. For flexibility I chose to use my Canon 24-105 lens which gave me options for different types of photographs. I also varied my camera setting to give a variety of effects. The light was good so I set the ISO to 320 for most of the time and I used Canon’s ‘servo’ auto focus to keep track of the runners I started off by trying my panning technique with a shutter speed of 1/125 to get a little background blur of single runners, then switched to a wider angle setting to include some spectators and the environment supporting the runners. To break things up a bit I walked around looking for a different background and found a child firing water pistol at the runners which gave me some fun shots. Then there were folk outside a pub, so I used a slow speed to blur the runners to emphasis the contrast. I think this has given me a variety of different types for marathon photographs that are more satisfying to view than just a set of similar photos.