Very probably the best League print entry we have had. It wasn’t just the number, though 86 was impressive enough, it was the ever increasing quality, variety and, yes, courage displayed in those entries. I really wish I could have lead a discussion about the prints with the judge because I knew exactly how the authors have stretched themselves, very often eschewing the conventions of competitive club photography. Good for them! More, please!

The judge, Brian Law, saw 86 photos which he had to virtually rank order, in three sections, and be prepared to talk about them. I saw how one member has virtually perfected his monochrome printing, another had ventured into compositing, another exploring completely new areas whilst perfecting his original love of studio portraiture, another who sometimes explores minimalism had produced his bravest work yet (at nearly 80!). My list could include every author whose work we saw last night.

Congratulation to Ralph, who has tried so hard, in gaining a win in the General section, Paul who won the Nature section with a magnificent monochrome, and Dolores who took the biscuit in the Mono section. All super work and none of them conventional.

Thanks Brian for all your hard work in managing those 86 prints and for timing the evening so perfectly!

The results are here. A gallery will appear after the weekend.