57 prints – down a little but it was good to see members entering prints for the first time. The results are now available here.

The Judge, Dr Brian Law CPAGB ARPS, criticised the size of some prints and some of the detail too. Regarding size, it is a mistake to make your prints big just because you can.

CROP for ART, SIZE for QUALITY. Crop to make a pleasing composition and then see how the size is working out, you need 300ppi for top quality. You might get as low as 150-200 ppiĀ  if the image is sharp. Look at the image at 100% when judging whether your subject is in focus. If you have cropped the image and it now only makes a small print – don’t worry. Don’t be tempted to blow it up – it will only start to fall to pieces. Cameras with small sensors and high pixel counts can “mush” detail too – it looks fine though, so long as you keep the print small. Trials will show what you can manage with your particular set up.

Your prints should be mountedĀ  50cmx40cm – that was one of the rule changes this year but it never appeared IN the rules! It was done because that is now the L&CPU rule and we hope you will enter your best images next year.

The GREAT BRITISH CUP entries are needed soon, as too are our next PDI comp entries. Get your new entries in soon and we will be able to consider them for the GBC – especially the NATURE ones because that class has individual awards.

The L&CPU Comps are changing in 2013. The main competition in MAY is an individual one. YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU want to enter, we enter it. There are three sections for both PRINTS and PDIs; COLOUR OPEN, NATURE and MONO. The maximum entry is 4 in each section but you can enter just one image in one section if you wish.

The CLUB ANNUAL is in March and we will be asking for your prints (and maybe PDIs) for that too. Prints will be taken to the event on 3rd March and brought back the same day so you will not be without them for more than a few days. This is not the case in the INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION, where your prints will be away for a few weeks, even a year in the case of those selected for the exhibition and/or PAGB competitions.

The Christmas cards are selling well but I think Delores can still accept orders. Mary is sending some to our Life Members, which is a lovely idea.