James is a member of Macclesfield CC and a few years ago he turned his pastime club photography into something really serious by becoming professional. It was very interesting to see his commercial work, but he started by taliking about the way that we can all use flash – to balance up the lighting in a scene.

After the break we saw how James can absolutely transform a scene by using multiple flashes, with and without filters. He could hide areas and colour others producing an exciting image which focuses the attention. We saw a number of examples of this right up to a full orchestra of lights (“every flash I had”) at work in one image.

James gave us an excellent evening. We wish him every success in his business and we thank him for showing us very clearly how flash can transform a scene.

Thanks James and every success in your business

Our Christmas card sales have gone well and thank you Delores for doing such a great job of managing it all, they are very professionally done. Orders can still be made. The great thing about this project has been that so many of you contributed images and must feel very proud of the excellent results.

Next week – Christmas Fayre, which means a celebratory buffet and drinks. This is also a 65th birthday celebration too!

Will members please remember that we are making the Great British Cup entry soon and if you want new images to be entered (this especially relates to Natural History) you must get them to me very quickly.