The first few weeks of the new year will be a busy time on the external competitions front.

We have the following events during January and February:

1. The Great British Cup, with entries for OPEN and NATURAL HISTORY – PDIs. We can enter 15 images in the Open section, there must be at least 6 workers and no more than 3 images from any one worker. 21 is the maximum for the number of natural history entries – 3 per worker maximum. There are individual awards in the natural history section so we need 3 good ones from you.

2. The Battle with Mid-Cheshire and Whitchurch at Whitchurch (10 prints and 10 PDIs).

3. The North Cheshire PS Inter-Club Competitions – Prints and PDIs. The prints are on the Wednesday night 13th February and PDIs (a Knock-Out) on the Thursday.

4. The L&CPU Club Annuals (8 images in each of mono, open and nature, prints and PDIs – that’s 48 images)

Again, do get your PDIs in quickly – by Saturday if possible – especially NATURE to give us a wider choice.

As a PS can I say that there has been a resounding NO to updating Photoshop, so sorry Adobe, it didn’t work!