One of the benefits of being a member of a photographic club is you have the opportunity to see a wide variety of work which can inspire you to venture out and try something new.  Over the past two seasons I have seen some excellent eventing images and earlier this year I decided that I would try my hand at horse event photography.  I soon realised that these events are taking place most weekends and quite a few are literally on our doorstep.  My personal preference is photographing competitors on the cross-country course.  Water jumps are quite popular and you can get some good action shots.  I typically walk the cross country course looking for jumps that have a clean background with the sun over my shoulder.  I try to vary my shots so that some include the location and some are tightly framed.  During one event we were walking the course and we heard that Zara Phillips had started the cross country course, I looked at the fence that was within easy reach and to be truthful it did not really meet my criteria!  I did not have time to walk/run to a another fence (these horses are typically travelling at 25 mph) so I stayed put and hoped for the best.