P1-2016_N_A-Dolomitian-Sunflower_Ralph-BrowesLast weeks picture of the week was Ralph Browes’s Dolomitian Sunflower, which was submitted last year as a print.  Ralph is a keen walker and took this shot on one of his expeditions. The alpine location is clear from the background but sunflowers cannot fail to be anything but bold and brassy and it thrusts itself across the misty scene in full glory. Ralph, like all walker/photographers, doesn’t want to carry heavy kit and, like many, has switched to Fujifilm cameras but many small, light cameras (including your mobile of course) are capable of giving us some pleasing results these days – a sharp contrast to the abysmal prints many high street processors palmed us off with in the pre-digital days. Of course, what and how you use the camera is what it is really about.