Yes, it is a promotion but I’m sure many of you will enjoy watching the very well produced video by landscape photographer Elia Locardi as he talks about shooting in Iceland and then takes you though an introduction to his method of processing his photographs.

He starts with Lightroom to make some basic adjustments and then takes the image into Photoshop to duplicate the image and then exports it to NIK Colour Effects Pro, finally back to Ps to be sharpened using the high-pass filter.

See the video  HERE.

(Elia doesn’t seem to like sharpening in Lr. On the basis of a very quick test this morning I can’t say I would abandon sharpening in Lr and use his method, which is a commonly used one employing the High-Pass filter. It may work better for landscape with a Nikon camera but my Fuji files look just as good straight out of Lr.   Remember there is a default of 25% in Lr, so unless you adjust it down you are always be applying some sharpening. The Fuji X-Trans sensor has no anti-aliasing filter.)