This week Ian Stewart APAGB DPAGB took us through some of his prints, many of them made in the days of film. There is much to learn from the┬ástyle of shooting with film – you had to get it right. Now there is a danger of a casual approach to photography; “shoot plenty, you can correct things in Photoshop” seems to be the rule but going slowly and carefully (where it can be done) pays dividends. Ansel Adams talked about “making a photograph”. He didn’t mean he stuck it together. He was emphasising the care he took in choosing his composition, getting the right light and, naturally, getting the camera settings just right. I don’t doubt that Ansel Adams would have enjoyed digital photography – he predicted it – especially now many of the early printing problems have been overcome.

This week we started an EVENTS page which we hope you find useful – we will!

Some of us are going the Photography Day at Tutbury on Sunday (16 March) , we have an inter-club competition with Sandbach PS on Wednesday and our own meeting next Thursday is our annual PDI Knock-Out.