This week Ian Stewart APAGB DPAGB took us through some of his prints, many of them made in the days of film. There is much to learn from the style of shooting with film – you had to get it right. Now there is a danger of a casual approach to photography; “shoot plenty, you can correct things in Photoshop” seems to be the rule but going slowly and carefully (where it can be done) pays dividends. Ansel Adams talked about “making a photograph”. He didn’t mean he stuck it together. He was emphasising the care he took in choosing his composition, getting the right light and, naturally, getting the camera settings just right. I don’t doubt that Ansel Adams would have enjoyed digital photography – he predicted it – especially now many of the early printing problems have been overcome.

This week we started an EVENTS page which we hope you find useful – we will!

Some of us are going the Photography Day at Tutbury on Sunday (16 March) , we have an inter-club competition with Sandbach PS on Wednesday and our own meeting next Thursday is our annual PDI Knock-Out.