The Glade by Tom Seaton is one of the most memorable photos to appear in our competitions for many years and I invite you to enjoy it all over again.

The overall impression is, of course, of streaming, bright light. In club photography we have an irrational fear of “burning out” highlights. This picture thrives on them.

We delight in detail, Tom provides it with the white inflorescences which occupy the centre diagonal of the picture. This diagonal works against the general slope of the trees.

That slope is a big element in the appeal of this image. It starts with the tree nearest us, which we only partially see, running across adjacent edges (a powerful position), this establishes a feel to the picture whilst only occupying a small area of it. We then pass into the main area, where trees gently criss-cross, this is so much more interesting and pleasing than a uniform pattern. Yet it doesn’t jar.

The general flow of the image though is all towards the top left and the bright, bright light.

It is redolent of morning light; awakening, optimism, promise. It resonates.

The critique of “Glade” first appeared as a single item, an extension of the front page item which read….

Tom Seaton has been a committee member of CPS since the early 80s and secretary for many years. His knowledge and wisdom contribute a great deal to the effective management of the club and, together with his wife Mary (competition secretary for many years) a foundation for the club.

This year Tom was honoured with the Chairman’s Choice award. This award seeks to draw attention to one particular person each year, to highlight their achievements. In Tom’s case his service as secretary would be more than enough to warrant it, but he also never fails to delight us with his very individual, elemental and arresting images.

He thoroughly enjoys his photography and that shines through when he is called on to thank the speaker or judge at the end of a meeting; his sprightly remarks always improve our perception of what has happened!