Every year the 15 Federations send work through to the PAGB for an Inter-Federation competition for both prints and projections. The L&CPU uses work submitted for the Individuals’ Annual – although this year we do not seem to have got to know whose work was chosen!

Ian Whiston’s Hyena & Cub certainly was because, as reported on the front page, it gained a silver medal. Peter Robinson’s monochrome print must surely have been submitted too but does not seem to be in the awards.

I’m afraid we do not have any other individual scores, just the overall Federation results which can be seen on the PAGB website. We will report them here as soon as we get them.

One new item we do have is the complete list of awards for the L&CPU Individuals’ Annual which can be viewed on our results page here. These awards will be presented on Saturday at Stockport Library where the L&CPU Exhibition is also taking place.

The latest edition of Photography News has been published and can be viewed here. Dr Brian Law, who frequently judges for us, has an article in it; about photographing works of art. Do the results make legitimate entries in club competitions? What do you think?

Don’t forget tickets for the PAGB PDI Championships. The form is here.