The L&CPU Exhibition is on at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum during July and August. It is in two parts, first in July, second in August.

I urge you all to pay it a visit and see what is happening in club photography in your region. Full details are on the L&CPU website front page

But then try to get to the Royal Photographic Society International Print exhibition. It is on in Stafford until 3rd September, at the Shire Hall Gallery Market Square ST16 2LD. You can view it online at but do try and go to the real exhibition – it makes a big difference!

You will find that the RPS celebrates a different kind of photography; more expansive and less mired in range of subject matter, modes of expression and presentation.

L&CPU Exhibition details:

The  Williamson Art Gallery & Museum  Slatey Road, Birkenhead, CH43 4UE. Tel: 0151 652 4177
Refreshments available in the Gallery, car parking.
The exhibition will be hung in two consecutive parts 69 prints in the first and 81 in the second.  The exhibition will go on until the end of August.
Catalogue (Part 1):The 69 prints hung first are now listed HERE. They are on display 29th June – 28th July.