Some excellent work in tonight’s competition and plenty of good advice from our judge Gordon Jenkins APAGB.

It wasn’t just the quality though, some of the prints may have lacked quality a bit but they were often very good ideas – and that is the difficult bit. Techniques can be learned but ideas and inspiration are precious commodities, so well done everyone for putting on a good show. I can assure you that few clubs have the depth of talent that we have.

The results are now posted – on the RESULTS page of course!

Next week is the hand in for the Print Annual. Don’t worry if we have used your print(s) for the Club Annual – they will be back with us on March 3rd after the event. Just tell Mary if you want to include those particular ones in your entry. Don’t forget that she has others too. Hope you can sort it out! All the results are listed on the Results page so you can check all your entries if you didn’t keep a note as we went along.

Next week we have the Bebington Salon of Photography brought to us by Bob Dennis. We will be joined by some Alsager members too – perhaps they had more success than we did!!

Another event that you will all be interested in is the FOCUS ON IMAGING EXHIBITION at the NEC March 3rd- 6th. You can see a stand planner and organiser here –

Tickets can be applied for on the FoI site at¬†Although it does cost you to get in and to park you can often save the money and more on bargain purchases – better prices than there are on offer anywhere. Once you have attended you may get next year’s ticket free.