We have completed the entry for the L&CPU Club Annual, the list is onthe RESULTS  page. The prints will be delivered on Saturday at the L&CPU Annual General Meeting and the Print Competition takes place on 3rd March, PDI on the 10th March. You can go and watch either or both, tickets are free and you can apply for them by visiting the News page of the L&CPU Website.They will both be judged by top national PAGB judges and the print competition entries will be simultaneously digitally projected – the standard for that will be top class – I can promise that because the L&CPU are using the same gear as is used for the PAGB CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Remember that the L&CPU INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION takes place in May. We will give you an entry date soon but we know already that prints have to be entered. labelled and ready by the last Friday in April. You will choose the entries, all we do is enter them. The sections will be the same as the CLUB COMPETITION and you need FOUR for each section (maximum)

Whilst on the subject of tickets, have you applied for your L&CPU Big Day tickets yet? The event takes place on 24th March and is in Ormskirk at the Edge Hill University, the same venue as the two competitions.

Another place you might like to visit is the Marburae Gallery in Macclesfield. They regularly put on exhibitions of contemporary photography and they have a particularly good one on at the moment. For this and other events, visit the EVENTS page of the L&CPU Website.

Finally, do follow us on TWITTER. If you do not you are missing out on some excellent links to top class work and occasional articles and videos of interest. If you are not following us you will have missed Wigan 10 on the TV last night!

The L&CPU Website, for the tickets and events is at www.lcpu.org.uk

Tonight we have Gordon Jenkins APAGB to judge our last Print League Competition. Gordon is currently the L&CPU Competition Secretary and also a PAGB Executive member, bear that in mind if you have any questions!