Our speaker tonight had certainly been where the action was! He took us through his sports photography pictures through from the 80s and into the figure work he has done more recently.


All evening the pictures were accompanied by a veritable torrent of information on his methods of working and the equipment he uses. Knowledge of the sport enables the photographer to chose the place and time the moment to get that exciting shot, don’t put it all down to “getting the passes” to put you in the right spot. Tony often uses flash and went into flash techniques a little. He uses telephoto lenses wide open and uses the small depth of field to make the vital spot in the picture really stand out – auto ISO looks after maintaining that big aperture.

We had visitors from other clubs with us tonight such is Tony’s reputation, especially in the sports photography field.

Tony is one of the Fotospeed sponsored lecturers and he had some of his work, printed on a variety of their papers and with their bulk ink sets on display. Home printing enthusiasts made notes!

More of Tony’s work can be seen on his website at www.tonydudley.co.uk

A  great evening, thank you Tony.

Next week we have our Portrait Evening – members please don’t forget your cameras!