Well, quite a bit really! Now is the time to stock up with photographs for the coming season – and you will not have a lot of time when we do begin, putting in an extra PDI competition as requested has inevitably meant things have to scrunch up a bit! We have tried to give time at the start but the first PDI is on 26th September so a hand-in date of second week back would be the usual form!

All the judges names have now been added to the Programme and Tom is working on the Membership Cards and Competition Rules. One idea was to get the Rules incorporated into the Membership Card but this is proving too much a crush, but we hope to get them on one side of A4, and to make them clearer.

The L&CPU Exhibition looks like starting on the 29th June at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead (you heard it here first!!) I hope this year many of you will make it over there to see the work. There is nothing like seeing photographs well-mounted and displayed and the Williamson is a classic gallery with good space, all conducive with a great view.

Well I trust you all now have Photoshop CC installed on your machines! You haven’t? Well I am surprised! Seriously though, looks like a sensible offer is on the way to us from Adobe (one rumour had it well priced enough for even me to consider!), we’ll wait and see. Nobody need to rush, as the technology advances the improvements come in smaller increments, which is why Adobe are doing this new “rent only” offer.

Please do look at the Forum and our Tweets and the L&CPU website