Welcome to the new season! Good to see you all and some new people too.

I think the highlight of the meeting for me was seeing young Laura’s work – she really has an eye for a picture and is imaginative and brave with her shots. I hope she joins us, I think it will help her intended college career. Lovely to see Chris back too; it is great to think that we cover such a wide age range!


It was sad to announce the death of Ron Reade early in our summer break. Ron was one of the heroes of CPS, serving many years as President. He also founded the Cine Section of the club which eventually became a separate club. I have a cassette tape of his recollections of the early days of the club which I am going to transcribe for the website. It may well be that we will eventually get some more memorabilia.

Mick Roberts is quite recovered and enjoying a holiday – certainly well-deserved after all he has been through.

Ron Smith is OK and I am pleased to tell you that he will be giving a talk in January about Photography for the disabled. It will be wonderful to hear our old friend speak to us again.

We have had a number of individual successes over the summer

Wallace Baxter gained his LRPS and we were able to see the “panel” of prints he used in the assessment.. Wallace also gained a commendation for Concentration in the L&CPU Annuals

Ian McNab gained an A* in A level Photography and is therefore LRPS

Ian Whiston continued to amass BPE points at the speed of light. This included medals and certificates in several competitions perhaps most notable being the Royal Photographic Society PI International where he gained a BRONZE MEDAL in Natural History.


The Chester Zoo showing of the RPS PI International is on 4th November and tickets can be ordered NOW.

You can also get tickets for the PAGB Club Print Championships in Connah’s Quay the previous Saturday – see L&CPU website for both events.  http://www.lcpu.org/lcpu/events.php

Whitchurch PS are inviting us to an Irene Froy lecture (see earlier NEWS) – highly recommended


Our Exhibition Hanging, Opening and Photo Day on September 1st went very well. We didn’t have a lot of visitors but those who did come were certainly not casual – they were genuinely interested in us and some of them joined us last night. Welcome to you all.

Thank you to all of you who helped with the Exhibition but especially Sharon and Dave Barton and Ian Whiston and Dot Johnson who attended all day and also did a great deal of work in preparation too.


We are straight into competitions, with the first PDIs being needed NEXT WEEK. In fact I am asking that you send them on or after Saturday 15th September but no later than the Thursday meeting on 20th September.

If you are just starting there is a How to enter a PDI Competition. BUT I WILL ACCEPT PICTURES IN ANY FORM IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST ENTRY – I WILL CONVERT THEM FOR YOU. If you have not got my email address bring them on CD or FLASH DRIVE on 20th September. Ring our Secretary next week if you have any problems – don’t let anything stand in the way!

Remember that this year we have two changes to the rules…

1. League totals will be the BEST FIVE of your scores in the 3 League Competitions, not BEST TWO from EACH.

2. There will be a THEMED COMPETITION. This will take the form of an additional topic in the SECOND PDI.

The suggested THEMES are WORK, HUMOUR, WATER, MOVEMENT, JUBILEE, BIG BANG. Please contact me to express preference – We can decide on this by 20th September.

Otherwise same JPEG, 1400px x 1050px sRGB named as 01_Barn Owl_N_33 with G for general, N for nature; 3 images max. Numbering represents preference in case we can only allow 2 but very unlikely. Remember that the RULES and HOW TO ENTER  A PDI COMPETITION are on the website.


Our website was re-launched on Monday. A very big thank-you to Ian McNab for all the work he has done. He was aided by web-developer Mark Johnson but do be clear that the website is to Ian’s spec and he has done all the spade-work – his attention to details has been amazing and many issues along the way have been ironed out thanks to Ian’s meticulous nature and detailed knowledge. I think we now have a super site which has already drawn much praise for clarity and usability – we now want to build it into one of the best sites in the Union.

It is time for your input now and we can begin to build a big, lively site which is a communications hub as well as an advertisement for club membership.

Ian told us all how to subscribe – it can be a tiny bit disconcerting and you have to wait for Ian to “approve” you (check that you are a member), but, be patient and you will get there.

If you post images they are limited to 1000px, but I suggest you keep to 650px, or at the most 800px. This is because of the possibility of having you pictures stolen.

You all know how easy it is to copy pictures from the web – make it difficult by:

1. Making them no bigger than, say,  650px on the longest side

2. Compressing them using “save for web” to just the point where they start to degrade, then back off a bit(!) – they should then be about 70k or 80k

3. Write © Your Name across the picture

4. Go to File details and select “copyrighted” and put your name on.

Sign up, join in, post pictures, enjoy!


After the break Sharon Barton, our Treasurer, told us about her experience as an ambassador at the Olympic Games. Her pictures gave us quite a different view of the Olympics – a spectacle that we had all spent hours watching without knowing much about the setting and life around it. Thank you, Sharon.

Finally, you will find some really interesting links if you follow us on TWITTER. You do not have to sign up just go here… https://twitter.com/crewephotosoc