There are few photographers of the stature of Salgado and his Genesis exhibition has been touring the World recently. This time he concentrates on Nature rather than people (as he did on “Workers” and “Migrations”). All his photographs are black and white, not the default, the obvious, colour. Salgado certainly made me think again about using monochrome for nature photography and I was delighted to find that, in the current competition, Paul Hill had entered a monochrome Nature print. And what a print! Everything about this picture is just so good; the rim lighting, the way the texture of the coat is depicted, the bright eye, the breath in the cold air, the stance, the clarity, the sparkling dew on the grass. Salgado has a team of workers back home to ensure that the very best is extracted from his pictures, Paul’s picture may not have that epic scale but he has made a truly beautiful piece of work which communicates things that yet another colour image would miss.